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3 keys to branding your business

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Business Advice
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By Stuart Hahn

August 21, 2022

Today’s marketplace is quite crowded and so it is important to craft a brand that differentiated your business. Some of the keys to branding your business include:

Formulate the general brand identity

It begins with the business name, the logo, and the tag lines. These are often the first elements that customers interact with. Ensure that your business name, logo, and tag lines align with your core messages. Make sure that they communicate the overall direction and feel of your brand, without being outdated or boxing you. Avoid adding geographic references or product references in your brand name unless you are sure you will not expand your business in the future. If your current business name causes confusion or you are constantly needing to clarify something about your business name, then you should consider rebranding. A good business name is relevant, compelling, and timeless.


Having a brand statement

Your brand statement includes your business story and the unique qualities of your business that bring value to its customers. It should connect you to the desires of your customers. It encompasses the heart of what your business is and establishes an emotional connection with current and potential buyers. If you are to be asked what your business is about, your brand statement should help you to deliver a concise and convincing answer. If you do not know where to start in developing a brand statement for your business, ask yourself the following questions: Who does the business serve? Why does the business care? What does the business provide? How is the business different from other similar businesses? What problem does the business seek to solve? After answering those questions, combine your answers into several sentences to form a branding statement. This will serve as the pivot point for your business and will be unifying theme.

Be unique in as many aspects as possible

You need to determine your brand personality. Firstly, take note of what other businesses like yours are doing, then do it differently by adding your own unique twist on everything. You can add your own personal touch your business in everything you do. Your website, your social media pages, your and your logo should reflect your unique personality and the unique offering of your business. Be consistent with this uniqueness so that customers can easily identify your brand by using the same logo, colour scheme and fonts on all marketing and social media communications. Every employee and department of the business should adhere to the general business personality for synergy and consistency. The goal is to have the brand embedded in the minds of customers. Perfecting the little details is a sure way to make your brand stand out and is a worthy investment. 



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