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The beginners’ guide to Payroll Services

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Business Advice
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By Wilhelmine Johnston

July 30, 2022

The manual payroll system is thankfully a thing of the past. Payroll services are now becoming increasingly popular among businesses.

It can be quite costly to file a late tax return. The IRS can impose huge fines for non-compliance if you fail to keep your payroll up to date. Each year, the IRS fines about one-third of small businesses because payroll errors led to thousands of dollars in fines.

Maintaining employee salaries, expenses, and pension contributions can be very time-consuming without a Payroll system. You should do your research…what works for one company may not work for you.

Things to consider:

Choosing the right software package

Smaller companies may find payroll software packages to be the best and most affordable option. You may also be able to access it online, which is a convenient option since you can access it at any time. The software you use can be used for setting up payment methods for employees, calculating wages, scheduling data, and submitting tax returns.

The system is easy to modify since you manage it yourself. Anyone in your company has access to the account with the login and authorization details.

Online Payroll Tool

A payroll system is an important one, and you don’t want to take any risks. You should select the right online service for your needs. It will largely depend on the size and budget of your business which online payroll service you choose.

To begin, you need to determine the exact needs of your business. You can do this by asking yourself the following questions: 


How do you define your requirements?

Once you have determined your requirements, you should identify a service provider who fits the bill and will meet your needs.

Are there any costs involved?

Plan accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask if your payroll service provider offers a free trial period. By doing so, you will be able to test it before you commit.

Are payroll services handled by payroll companies?

Providers who can take care of everything and make sure you are kept up to date – and that your tax returns are filed by the due date – should be your first choice.

Are the services secure?

You will want to make sure the payroll system you choose is secure and backed up, because payroll data contains sensitive information.

Customer Support

There is always someone available to help if you need assistance with the system.


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