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What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

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Business Advice
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By Reina Brekke

August 01, 2022

The career of an entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted. You need courage and confidence to run your own business in order to make it a success. Keep your expectations high and take things one step at a time. When first starting out, you should have a long-term goal, but more importantly to help you get there, set yourself achievable small-term goals.

Success comes with a lot of hard work

Being a successful entrepreneur is ultimately down to hard work and not only should you work hard but also work smart. Show perseverance but know when to give up, don’t waste your energy on something that you have tried and is not working, instead move on to finding the solution.  If you want to get the best out of your staff, you must lead by example, your work ethic should inspire your employees. Treat everyone, regardless of their position within the company with respect and kindness.

Never stop learning

Learn as much as you can and as broadly as you can. You can never stop learning and growing. Without ongoing learning, progress, and adaptation to change, a few letters in front of your name do not guarantee success.


A happy customer is a satisfied customer

The relationships you build with your customers are more important than the money. This may mean that sometimes you will make a sacrifice to make sure that the customer is happy, it will surely pay off in the long run. While you may make less money in the short term on some deals, you will most probably make much more in the long run thanks to customer loyalty and referrals. 

Keep your overheads low

Evaluate if your business expenses are justified. For example, do you need to rent an office, or can your business be run in exactly the same way without one? Rather than waste money on things that are not essential, invest in the things that bring value to your business.

Don’t fear rejection

Never fear rejection, the worst thing that could happen by asking for something is that someone could say no.  If you never ask you may regret that moment, which is much worse. The success of any business comes from being the most innovative and adaptive. In many cases, rejections have resulted in finding a solution that would otherwise have been hard to work out.



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