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Why You Should Use an Order Fulfilment System

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Business Advice
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By Eldon Schamberger

August 07, 2022

By storing your company’s inventory and releasing shipments to your customers, order fulfilment services allow your business to meet its order fulfilment needs.

While keeping a similar system within a company is possible, it can be challenging to maintain in the long run. Whereas, outsourcing order fulfilment services makes much more sense for growing businesses.

Either way, this article will provide an insight into the most compelling reasons to use an order fulfilment system.

Lower Operation Costs

Due to the seasonal fluctuations of the market, the number of your order will also vary. This may require you to employ more workers in the order fulfilment department and rent additional storage space for the peak season.

Working with an order fulfilment service means that you don’t have to worry about these portions of the operating costs. Instead, you can invest the money you’ve spent into an area of your business that needs improvement.

You Will Gain Time

Not only will you have more money to put back into your business but a fulfilment system will also save you time. After all, you won’t have to deal with fulfilling orders or supplying your inventory. You can use this free time to develop sound marketing and business strategies.


Reduced Shipping Costs

Order fulfilment systems typically utilize shipping companies they have specific contracts with. Since both the shipping companies and your business benefit from this contract, the shipping companies can reduce shipping costs, whether they work on a national or international level.

The fulfilment services also have several locations across the country, further reducing shipping costs and delivery times. Your customers will be more than happy to take advantage of this discount.

Market Expansion

An order fulfilment system can help you reach more customers without a significant investment. Even if the new target group proves to be an unsuitable market, you will still not be out of pocket for expanding your infrastructure.

You can make the expansion as small or as large as you wish, as long as it promotes the growth of your business. Overhead costs that arise when investing in a new market can also be avoided with a simple order fulfilment system.

Utilizing the Right Technology

The logistics of order fulfilment are rather complex and demand a lot of money, time and resources. Order fulfilment systems will grant you access to warehouse management services, a valuable tool for tracking inventory.

While this is an expensive technology, it makes it easier to handle, process, and manage customer orders and boosts your sales system.

More Reliable Customer Service

A typical order fulfilment system incorporates a call centre and a digital customer service hub. This will help you resolve potential issues fast, engage your customers and earn their trust by providing a reliable service.

Customer support can directly work through this system and handle refunds and returns if needed. This makes your customer support available for more people, much to your clients’ satisfaction.


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